Open End Tubes

  • Economical kraft mailing tubes are great for document storage or for mailing.
  • 3-ply spiral wound construction for strength.
  • White end caps (included) snap into place to hold contents secure.
  • Caps will not pop off during shipment.
  • Tubes are reusable and recyclable.
  • Sizes listed are usable space. Actual tube lengths are longer.
  • Additional white end caps available.


Part#Size ld x lengthPackPrice Per Tube
MAILING TUBE15181.5 X 1850$0.85$0.82$0.74$0.69
MAILING TUBE02122 X 1250$1.09$0.88$0.76$0.71
MAILING TUBE02242 X 2450$1.30$1.25$1.14$1.06
MAILING TUBE02302 X 3050$1.48$1.43$1.30$1.21
MAILING TUBE02362 X 3650$1.70$1.61$1.46$1.36
MAILING TUBE03243 X 2425$1.96$1.89$1.72$1.59
MAILING TUBE03303 X 3025$2.28$2.17$1.97$1.83
MAILING TUBE03423 X 4225$2.81$2.70$2.46$2.28
MAILING TUBE03483 X 4825$3.07$2.97$2.69$2.50