Hand Grade Film

  • Premium blown film provides excllent puncture resistance for securing uniform or irrigular loads.
  • Resists puncturing and tearing even around sharp corners.
  • Excellent cling and stretch properties.


Part#Size W X LGuageRolls/CasePrice Per Case
Quantity1 to 10 cs11 to 20 csFull Pallet
STW-188018 Inch X 1500 Feet804$72.00$68.00$64.00
STW-18801BLK18 Inch X 1500 Feet – BLACK804$105.80$99.50$78.85
STW-184518 Inch X 1500 Feet454$60.00$58.00$48.00
STW-1880-T18 Inch X 1500 Feet704$68.50$62.00$58.00