A/S Tubing 4 Mil

  • Poly Tubing offers the luxury of a custom fit poly bag and the flexibility of a wide variety of bag sizes without the inventory expense.
  • Make your own custom size anti-static poly bags.
  • Simply cut tubing to desired length, insert product and heat seal both ends.
  • Pink anti-static polyethylene film provides excellent static discharge protection.


Part#Size W X LPackPrice Per Pack
Quantity1 to 45+
FPT4-2 A/S2 Inch X 1075 Feet1$74.55$70.83
FPT4-2 A/S2 Inch X 1075 Feet1$74.55$70.83
FPT4-3 A/S3 Inch X 1075 Feet1$107.64$102.27
FPT4-4 A/S4 Inch X 1075 Feet1$107.64$102.27
FPT4-5 A/S5 Inch X 1075 Feet1$111.62$106.04
FPT4-6 A/S6 Inch X 1075 Feet1$126.16$119.86
FPT4-8 A/S8 Inch X 1075 Feet1$137.17$130.33
FPT4-10 A/S10 Inch X 1075 Feet1$207.50$197.11
FPT4-12 A/S12 Inch X 1075 Feet1$249.02$236.57
FPT4-18 A/S18 Inch X 1075 Feet1$373.93$355.23
FPT4-24 A/S24 Inch X 1075 Feet1$498.02$473.13